Contact groups for business.

eContactShare connects to your email server or works independently to maintain all your company contacts in one place. It groups your people into the teams they already work in to enhance communication. Group updates are pushed real time to an easy-to-use mobile app.

eContactShare works with voice calls, push-to-talk or text messaging and is ideal for geographically dispersed workforces like construction and for devices assigned to vehicles in transportation.


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Contact Groups for Business

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Contact Groups

Group Sharing

Centrally administer contact groups, user invitations and access rights

Fresh data

Fresh data

Link eContactShare to your corporate address book or invite people to enter and update their own data

Remote access

Remote access

Access any contact from multiple directories, without keeping everyone in your device and without typing them in yourself.



Invite group members and put them in control of their privacy settings

Custom Mobile App


Our team of crack developers can create gorgeous mobile apps branded just for you

Carrier grade

Carrier grade

Conforms to the OMA Converged Address Book and GSMA RCS requirements, secure and geo-diverse

Ridiculously easy to use

Easy To Sync

eContactShare makes it easier than any other tool to manage your team  across all the facets of your demanding business.

It starts by allowing you to choose whether to set up the contacts inside eContactShare, or integrate with your existing address book in Microsoft Exchange ® or Google.  eContactShare also connects LinkedIn or Facebook – great for clubs and non-profits!

Invite Everyone

Everyone gets an invitation email with instructions on how to download and use  the free mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The email format can be customized with your company or organization logo as well as other information to make it a truly personalized experience.

Control Access

You  decide how much access members get.  A business with company-owned devices may want centralized control of contact data to keep all their devices organized and uniform.

On the other hand, an organization like a church or a sports team may choose to allow members to control what information they share with the opt-in feature.  eContactShare can handle both access models easily.

Set Up Those Groups!

Once a directory is created, it’s easy to set up groups and even add sub-groups to keep all your teams organized and in-touch.  Members have the flexibility to be in one group or several.

Your team members can use eContactShare to search by group, title or name.  They can send group messages using SMS or push-to-talk*.

*SMS and PTT messaging rates may apply.

No Stale Contacts

Unlike other stand-alone apps, your contact data never becomes out-of-date on eContactShare.  Administrators centrally control contacts or users  maintain their own data through the mobile app or with a quick and intuitive web portal.

The contacts are stored on our secure cloud server and synchronized with the team automatically.  If the directory is integrated with your company address book (i.e. Microsoft Exchange Server), constant syncing through the eContactShare API ensures “freshness.”

Stop maintaining two lists with other tools and keep it “fresh” with eContactShare.

Great Mobile Apps

The Apple and Android mobile apps can be used to look up people in your team by group, role, name, etc.  The best part is they don’t all have to be on your phone or uploaded to your Google contacts for you to find them.  What’s more, it integrates with the contact app on your phone, so you don’t even need to open the app to get the data you need.

Need to find the newly-hired regional sales rep for Chicagoland but don’t have a name?  Search eContactShare for the role and get the new contact details.  In the old way, the last rep’s contact details would be in your phone – expired and growing mold.

We Are Carrier-Grade

eContactShare is enterprise-ready and carrier-grade.

The infrastructure is designed for high volume, through a massively-scalable architecture on geo-diverse cloud servers.  It is secure, to protect your business’s valuable data.

For communication services providers, eContactShare conforms to the OMA Converged Address Book standard as well as the GSMA RCS requirements.

Contact the eContactShare team to learn more about how it can be the converged address book for all your contact-centric, value-added services.

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The decision to roll out a new tool to keep your team connected doesn’t have to be hard.  The eContactShare team is ready with information and support.  Get in touch with us and boost your team’s productivity now!

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